Why do you earn 8000 yuan a month

The concept of

best template is originally from SPCHINA out, what is the best template? My understanding of this is the best not to rely on the degree of temptation to speak, I give SPCHINA students time to say two things.

1 template structure

2 flow to

everyone must have this plate provided materials, I hope all of you to see me to the template structure division, it is good for you, don’t comment on the accident in the field of teaching materials, teaching materials I wrote, scores in my hand, I know where the light weight materials.

the best template must ensure the integrity of the structure, content provision home page page – user service customization page and see their template structure is complete, look at the flow in the template which is correct and reasonable, of course here involves how to determine the reasonable question, some things on the basis of the provided materials. Many people have a wrong understanding of the template, template is that more temptation better, a lot of students SPCHINA in the hope that I’ll see them template, look at the structure of traffic flow is reasonable, in fact, adhere to the process often there will be a lot of problems, these problems are very basic, but has been widespread. Most people are either the template content provision page as the home page, or pop when the content page Luantan, lead to flow too much, this is the most common phenomenon.

flow of reasonable reference to the flow of the material on it, there are many places in the textbook is very simple and imperfect, but the framework has been given to everyone.

template is a good way to pay the problem, I do not know if you do not seriously read my article in this section of the article. Do not read to read.

payment will use online banking. This time I met in the teaching of many of the issues raised, such as security issues are most concerned about. But this problem can never be completely resolved, this problem is actually meaningless. My teacher was very familiar with Baidu.

this job is for you.

template with the payment of the way things are stable, and now is the problem of pricing. The general effect of the best price in 100 yuan package for six months. Do not set the other price. Now is the propaganda, this is very important, many skills.

my method for a simple summary of the server in the foreign forum nature of the site. As for how to determine the quality of the site, how to stabilize the flow I will pick a time to say, here too much content, one can not finish.

Do I need

template is from 4 at the end of this year to do, do it at the beginning of October. Made a total of more than 45 thousand. The average is about 8000 per month, the best time is the 1 day of the more than 2 thousand, but this time is not much, only a month or only 1 days or 2 days, most of the 300-800 + this interval >

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