From micro mission, Sina, micro-blog platform future trends


one, Sina, micro-blog, platform

Sina micro-blog micro-blog should be in the service in China is currently in the forefront, believe that sina micro-blog is also considering the future of how to carry out the platform of development at this stage, and it is also in a variety of


recently, Sina micro-blog launched two Sina based micro-blog products, one micro territory (, one micro group ( Personally think that the two is based on the application of sina micro-blog, micro groups value will be greater, the LBS service may be a need for a longer period of time can be a harvest service, LBS service more line, need time cost will be higher, and I think the similarity of LBS and the group purchase higher (all need strong line marketing ability).

Facebook has become a great platform for companies like Zynga. The game should be said to be the best choice for Facebook, and for Facebook, the best thing about a two-way relationship might be the game. In fact, also need to be able to achieve a based on it to grow at least tens of billions of dollars the company for Sina micro-blog, compared with Zynga in Facebook, for Sina micro-blog this platform, what kind of mode is fit is the highest? Think of e-commerce


two, the existing micro-blog based application

is currently based on Sina, micro-blog’s third party applications are a lot, I’m here to list a few possible future directions: recruitment, second-hand trading, marketing, and so on,


is the Sina micro-blog micro Bole recruitment information search and aggregation platform based on micro-blog music provides a platform can be aggregated into a recruitment information site on micro-blog, and the recruitment information according to the position, classification of geographical location, if able to further tap the demand on the job, will be a a valuable platform. (Via)


micro flea is based on a micro-blog Sina micro-blog third party application, its essence is the application of a Sina micro-blog rely on second-hand goods transactions, provide release, query, evaluation of information service for users of micro-blog. (Via)


has a dot com, which is a micro-blog based marketing platform. Social marketing is becoming more and more important at present

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