Experience tells you that in the short run, it is not reliable to put DSR scores above industry valu

    in a March meeting of the company on how to improve the three dynamic score, the shop we also put forward some though each one airs his own views, suggestions, but to put these three dynamic score higher than the industry average do, in fact, is a systematic project, only to understand the impact of the logic behind and environment, analysis of the buyer psychology, will it be possible to simplify complex things.

, first of all, tell us about our store.

Before we go

shop sales model, every time through low-cost way to do promotional activities, 1 yuan limit seckill 10 dress or coat, and then put some money for goods and 90 percent off sales sold hundreds of pieces, it increased to 80 percent off. Through the car drainage is also through 1 yuan spike of money to do, so that a short period of time to collect a lot of popularity and traffic. Although each activity can achieve good results, but 15 days after the pre-sale can not be shipped on time, and some even almost a month before delivery. The speed of delivery was 4.6 points, through these activities, not on time delivery, customer service often one day will face more than 200 buyers expediting, but buyers have to wait so long time to receive the goods, even if the quality is good, also because of the influence of emotion to the poor, so the speed of delivery when the lowest down to 4.4 points, if less than this value will be suspended promotion through train. Other descriptions, scores, and service attitude scores remained at around 4.7.

based on this premise, the shops, whether applied for official double 11 activities or other small activities, can not be approved for this reason. Therefore, the importance of these three dynamic scores is self-evident.

, and in the eyes of buyers, are very much valued this indicator. Many of the girls are often online shopping or customer service, when sharing experience, whether single, three dynamic score first depends on the store value is much higher than the industry value are generally more strength and credibility of the guarantee, will not hesitate to order. This is from the buyer’s point of view to understand.

since these three dynamic scores are so important, what should we do to improve


in the March plan, each department’s main task was to develop dynamic scoring around it.

from the point of view of art, they think: every baby description will have official data provided by Tmall, according to this data, baby described optimization can start from the following aspects.


1, "everybody writes," green is one of the key scoring effect, this is related to the parameters of the product, material, good communication and sales buyers need to provide more accurate data to describe the optimization with baby. Make baby description more objective accepted by customers.

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