A few small contrasts between DeDeCms and KingCms

in several tools with the establishment of the CMS, the most easy to grasp is dedecms and KingCMS, are very similar between them, all with their own independent label, my personal understanding of the two kinds of tools for the dedecms website has a lot of advantages than kingcms.

first of all, for beginners, people who don’t change templates feel good about dedecms, because there are so many templates on the dedecms, and KingCMS is a lot less.

secondly, that is, dedecms plug-in many, you can achieve more functions, but also simple. Dedecms has many modules to choose from, such as voting module, circle module, message sheet module and so on, you can choose to install.

third, when you call the top column on the home page, you can get the column list directly with Channel tags. The usage is very simple.

              {dede:channel row=; ` 3 ‘type=’ sun ‘typeid=’ 6 ‘}

              < a; href=" [field:typelink/]"; > [field:typename/]< /a>

          {/dede:channel};     you can get the top column display and link.

in KingCMS, the top column name must be handwritten to the top of the column and manually link to the static pages of your columns.

There are many kinds of

, fourth, dedecms content models, common articles, |article, classified information, |infos, picture set |image, software |soft, commodity |shop. Very convenient to achieve the software download and sale of goods function.

for beginners should learn from the KingCMS, KingCMS is relatively easy to learn. Real knowledge comes from practice. Only by constantly learning, showing problems and solving problems can we improve our abilities.

for experts, as long as you can master the CMS, which tool can be used to complete the development of the site. (starting Chinaz webmaster forum, author: daixiaoyuan)

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