Are you playing micro-blog or playing micro-blog Dry sharing how to run a micro-blog

first, talk about how micro-blog operates.

play with micro-blog, who will play. But the operation of micro-blog, but not everyone dares to say that he will. Are you running micro-blog or playing micro-blog or playing by micro-blog?

, for a few cases,

1. story marketing

"wild animal Florist" micro-blog account began operating in December 2012, the first eight months without Taobao stores, there is no official website, but only a micro-blog number, achieved sales of over one million, fans over 200 thousand. How do they do it? In fact it is very simple, is the flower photos plus 140 words with the customer about the story (marriage, birthday, health etc.) written into micro-blog, in addition to the day-to-day work of the team is also written into micro-blog and fans. The traditional flower shop sells flowers. It sells stories. This new approach has made micro-blog’s operations a great success, and the reputation of flower shops has gradually started. This success model is called story marketing,

2. emotional marketing

a bunch of flowers only send a beautiful woman for a lifetime. Have you ever seen such a wonderful flower shop? After the fire at the monster florist, there’s a "rose only" on the micro-blog. Buy flowers need to bind the phone number, but also a lifetime can only give a person, in order to show the sender’s heart. This bunch of flowers costs a lot of money. It costs one thousand yuan. But for the heart, the one thousand pieces of what? This creative way suddenly lit up in micro-blog, then continue to have a lot of celebrity big V also attracted forward praise, popularity rapidly, fans also increased dramatically. This micro-blog marketing model is called emotional marketing,

mode: seize the hot marketing occasion. This is one of the most common patterns and one of the most popular styles for scripts.

3. vertical depth

Huang Gang who is not contact with the logistics industry may not know, but now he has been called the field of logistics industry Lei Jun. As a grassroots figure, he has more than ten thousand fans in a year. How does he operate micro-blog? His model is called vertical depth". What is called vertical depth, in layman’s terms, is called an expert in a particular field. Just stick to the field of Logistics: yellow dry cargo in micro-blog, by taking advantage of the marketing mode, many will not related to the social hot spots and logistics related, such as the moon is to the courier "copy triggered crazy turn. The public is not familiar with the original logistics field can also be he made very interesting, so he not only with micro-blog diffusion influence has become the logistics field of Daniel, even many people are not in the field of logistics so as to attract his attention he.

4. event marketing


is a popular event marketing master, what hot spots can be linked with it.


5. about shelf hype


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