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believe it is our webmaster or ordinary users will find this problem, search for content and information they want in Baidu, when users search time to such content, click to enter your website and found the content only partially visible, and the user really content requires the user to reply is visible for many! The user can register your website, but reply to this post, for the content they want. But there are many webmaster for website activity point of view, thus setting up the website, but many owners ignore one thing, in order to stop the waste and garbage into the post forum user registration and a set of sites, users must register over a long time to reply. This is my Yibin city network shortly before it was set, later a and many friends to chat, I asked my friend to go to my website to increase about the popularity, my friend said not registered post, want to see the content to see, then I realized this setting may will use a lot of churn, so far only the set fire to.


this setting allows the user of the required content greatly reduces the patient itself, originally the user wants to search on Baidu, want to quickly get their information, but did not expect to be so big around a bend, raowan does not say, also cannot get their information, but also for a period of time, according to the we search for information on the website of the habit of speaking, more than ninety percent of users will choose to leave, so as to reduce the site’s activity and the trust of users, search the same user next or enter your station, this station will first think of the content too much trouble! How will the next step to users as can be imagined. You leave the site?



below is a demo of the user’s



In fact,

here you may know the solution, the waiting time is the best solution to remove the user registration, allowing users to register a website for the first time will be able to reply to see their want to understand the content, users want online is on its own governmentcared content with impatient attitude. At the same time and place some users concerned or similar content around the user needed information, allowing users to understand the content of the user when you are interested in too much, not a complete understanding, it is possible that the user will put this page to your favorites! Well next time to understand, so as to improve the website repeat. This article by the Yibin city network webmaster original and A5! Reprint please retain copyright!


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