A successful blog takes time to accumulate and appropriate publicity

is talking about people again. It’s a bad thing to talk about other people, but I prefer the people I talk to to see what they lack in my words. Statement, I am not necessarily right, I hope we can discuss it together.

doesn’t necessarily insist on updating

every day

probably has more than ordinary bloggers have such a misunderstanding: in order to allow friends to pay attention to my blog every day, so every day will update. In fact, this logic is completely wrong, don’t think Baidu is updated every day for you, you will come to your blog every day. First you have to consider why you every day to your blog, what do they want? First, they focus on the event, you can update; two, they want the technology, you can summarize the published; three, pure is your friend.

, a few days ago, didn’t want to see the column "little Lou" in his blog. Don’t know, a look surprised, the original small Lu can build 21 days PR will rise to 3, this is my blog now to buy links over the same period of four months or 0 blog PR people envy the very thing ah! Look at his blog IP IP:2010 in April 4th, more than 700 independent; in May 19, 2010, more than 1500 independent IP blog, you know Lu Songsong’s blog is about 2000IP! June 9, 2010, blog volume exceeded 4000; in June 21, 2010, the blog output exceeded 5000; in July 10, 2010, the blog volume exceeded 6000. The blog message has not been updated, you can see that the blog message meets the bottleneck. In May 3, 2010, a single day blog broke through 50 replies; in May 14, 2010, a single day blog broke through 100 replies, and if it continues, there are about 100 replies to the article’s comments. But from the front page, there are at least 8 messages, the most of which are 41. Why is it so deserted a? Ten home page articles, two articles are used to write the life article, two pieces of code, a theme, two articles to learn to drive, three function (sorry, I don’t know what is this function). I think the ten article seven article is in dealing with the cross, not have to deal with the two part of the article describes CSS and the life, after all, play independent blog friends or interested in CSS. Why does it lead to this? Maybe Xiao Lu is really busy and has no time to take care of the blog. But I also feel that the excessive pursuit of quantity, and forgetting the quality, is the real reason for losing readers


appropriate publicity, more important than technology,

wine is also afraid of deep alley. I think 80% bloggers would like to share his blog, and the best way to identify is to buy his blog ads.. In the circle I’m mixing, there are tens of thousands of bloggers advertising the most. Yes, he has about 7 ad positions, about 60 each, and one month

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