t’s 730 this evening. Good meters don’t stop! The A5 domain name auction and your Be There Or Be Sq

tonight at 7:30, 4, 5, CN digital digital package at the 5 A5 WeChat group while the domain name auction, good rice constantly, and you Be There Or Be Square!


domain name investment field,.Com and.Cn domain name is still the mainstream position, other non mainstream domain but also is developing like a raging fire, what kind of domain name investment better, is always a wise eyes of the beholder, mainstream domain name or other domain name, always has its own advantages and has a short board. Domain name investment, when still market-oriented, combined with their own circumstances, rational investment oh.

has identified the following list:


My friend

Be There Or Be Square night!

another long collection of auction domain names.

thread http://s.a5.net/thread-18887316-1-1.html format:  

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domain name / domain name meaning:


reserve price (no write 0):

micro signal:

mobile phone number:

— — — — —

A5 auction rule:

workday starts at 7:30 every night and starts shooting at several A5 auctions.

auction rule:

1, all domain name 0 yuan starting, have set the reserve price, the auction price is equal to or more than the reserve price, that is, the transaction. Not to reserve price, that is, unsold, the seller should pay 100 yuan red packets, we sent to the group.

2, the transaction domain name through the A5 intermediary transaction, intermediary fee 3%, no extra charge.

3, after the clinch a deal, please contact the A5 auction Secretary for the domain name transfer transaction, completed within 24 hours.

4, both parties breach of contract, pay 5% liquidated damages, 3% pay the other party, 2% group welfare. A person who fails to perform the breach of the contract.

5, during the auction prohibited AD business card red envelopes, during the auction, and prohibit auction irrelevant words. Offenders warned once, 2 times T out. There are malicious speculation, bidding, disturb the order of the auction, pull blacklist.

fare increase rule

1000-4999 each increase 100

5000-9999 each increase 200

10000-49999 each increase 500

50000-99999 per fare increase >

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