Regional business opportunity promotion and profit model

With the start of

joined the investment type site increased in numerous star, emerging as the Anhui area 2858 unlimited business limit network launched, currently the 28, 78 and 3158 are rarely in large portal site advertising, because media purchasing strategy is more and more mature, and easy to see 9355 recent investment the site in strong visibility, and advertising in the Tencent, Sina, Sohu and NetEase gold position, business network application is an "evergreen" on the Internet, business network deployment and dispersion is always don’t finish writing the article, not to mention the business network application. As a regional representative business website -2858 network unlimited business opportunities in the central region of the same site ranking rising rapidly, operating four months since the Alexa has reached one hundred and fifty thousand, due to our long-term achievement on the profit mode of area business network and user experience than our books.

in the 2858 network business opportunities early, we encountered a pattern of gully, was due to market overly optimistic and regional entrepreneurs to join the demand, we do not lead to ideal income in a period of time. After three months of site growth period, we are the central regions of the country are franchisees and investment products enterprises recognized gradually, visit IP has reached more than three thousand, more than more than 30000 PV.

below is the analysis of the 2858 unlimited business opportunities network promotion and profit model.

offline promotion:

because we Anhui in the central city is relatively underdeveloped areas, whether it is the size of the business and the Internet to find the franchisee’s capacity is less than the Beijing area, and the enterprise IT application consciousness is not too high, the level of knowledge structure of Internet entrepreneurship leads to complex, we met in the website promotion process the biggest bottleneck. In this market environment, regional business network in the growth period should be based on "line based, online promotion mode supplemented to the scale of the enterprise publicity, and campus area to rent large space to carry out promotional activities. Propaganda is SMS, leaflets, and outdoor advertising (such as micro banners etc.), these can reduce our propaganda cost, but also can promote accurately according to the scope of the audience, direct coverage of personal and business two clients to make marketing benefit maximization. In the skills of integration we advocate area propaganda, such as leaflets, you can describe your business network with local characteristics, so that customers at a glance and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Example: We used our local dialect to advertise the site on the leaflet, and within a month we found that the search engine picked up about 300 of the IP every day and continued to rise.

in the promotion of enterprise, we summed up "with the most simple charge to get the most objective membership fee income", in the model, when you and human supervisor or manager to talk about cooperation, should be "first – after explanation – price" step in the promotion, is first introduced to illustrate the role of business network with your "gab", the purpose and effect.

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