Sorry, please don’t make fun of stones

today, our brains are lazy to wait for information from the web to get information: to absorb seemingly sterile information from a rapidly moving particle stream. The thought is in accordance with the network distribution information to form a new paradigm in Google to make unprecedented rapid access to information at the same time, also made lots of repetition, copy and paste content in the plain, people no longer used to information processing and creation. Individual "shallow reading + iterative interaction with others" is an effective network survival strategy to cope with information overload.

this open reading is a group interactive reading, and the text to be read is also an open text, an evolutionary text, but at present it is too open and the evolution is far from our goal. If things go on like this, the loss of people thinking of desire, in the duplication of information at the same time, human cloning will also carry forward to the hitherto unknown point, in theory, people are in the click rate of convergence, under the guidance of people in a region not consciously forcing yourself to copy the same personal information, people no longer need to also no longer have personality.

scholars, with academic websites, have found that readers are always busy browsing over and over again, and rarely visit the articles that have been visited. For people, the Internet is becoming a universal medium, a pipe through which information flows through my eyes, ears, and into my mind. We don’t think of what Emmanuel Zhaxian, but a link to what! In fact, there are signs that the new "read" mode is revealed, the user browsing hastily title, contents and abstracts, to quickly get the harvest. But we can not meet and become a type "information decoder", in order to form a kind of deep reading comprehension ability, the rich spirit of Lenovo, the kind of creativity, is the basis of progress, to achieve simple copy, browse and insufficient support to people’s desire to transform the living environment. But reality can almost be seen as a way to avoid reading in the traditional sense of the internet.

people are accustomed to the work plan, assessment indicators, used time management, used to cope with the task and social responsibility, and give up the traditional self realization, if according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, people with society, science and technology, economic progress, the demand from physiological, safety, social, esteem and self realization in order to realize the development of progressive evolution, but people in the Internet, it is the realistic path of degradation, self realization from far away, and to the pursuit of physical satisfaction. Give up from the experience and thinking of the depth of involvement of pleasure and succumb to from the mass of shallow reading in the pan entertainment, people in the use of tools at the same time the loss of most people, the pride of thinking, if the "efficiency" and "direct" at all on the new reading style spread, people creative and will lose the golden generation fall into the dark ages blindly


media theorist Marshall · Mcluhan pointed out in the media in 1960s

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