Song Libin rural sell chrysanthemum monthly income of over a million

is a very rare species of chrysanthemum tea, it is the ancient emperor to drink tea, so the name of chrysanthemum, tell you today is a rural tree cultivated in the rural areas through the sale of chrysanthemum and now the monthly income of millions of facts, it is really a good place in rural areas, there are a lot of business the success of the project is to start in the countryside.

"Huang Ju is a chrysanthemum, its growth habit and common chrysanthemum almost, but it is poor adaptability, love water, and I was very" thin "contracting range, is to ignore this point, almost lose lose." He said, because of the lack of management experience, the chrysanthemum seedlings planted in less than half a year have withered to death, although some of the remaining Imperial chrysanthemum was in bloom, but compared to the quantity and quality of the southern emperor sent a lot of chrysanthemum. For a good Huang Ju, he went to Wuyuan several times, to local agricultural experts and growers to consult. After 3 years of trial, the breeding success, area from more than and 10 acres to more than and 50 acres to expand today, for the first time this year ushered in the flowering stage.

36 flower can sell thousands of yuan />

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