On the road business growth experience and the analysis of CD Music Forum data


doesn’t have much experience and knowledge, and decided to take a website "own CD Music Forum" to start, do this website data analysis, is a practical, is a summary of a year. From the analysis of data, sum up experience, for the future to do precise optimization to provide the basis.

first introduced the development process under Cd:

CD Music Forum when I was in May of 09, an occasional idea. I’ve always liked music, but there are two drawbacks to downloading songs from Baidu or other websites, one is that the sound quality is not guaranteed, and the other is that the album cannot be downloaded. So they gathered a few websites and found several sites that offered full album downloads and were high quality, such as ape, WAV, and 320KMP3. Just when the work was not very busy, so I thought of doing such a forum, and share with you music album, packaged download.

used DZ in May to build a website, and then began to collect all kinds of resources released, are reproduced by other people’s resources. At that time, do not understand SEO, do not know how to promote, you can say nothing. But this is the case, every day reproduced a few resources, slowly also have some popularity, from a few IP visit one or two months to one thousand, how long with the specific forgot. In fact, up to now, the forum is basically my own post in the post, just by posting someone else’s post changed to organize their own resources released. From this point, I know a little, no matter what kind of website, the most important point is that I insist! If not every day to send a few resources, also will not have the CD today.

a year, I have a job, no time on the Internet, so the forum is basically in the deserted period, but occasionally a week to see, found a few netizens very awesome, help me release resources, and membership registration suddenly rose to more than 40000. But what followed was more junk advertising. Later analysis, I know, forty thousand of these members, most of which are released advertising ID. Until today, the forum closed after registration, but also often have a registered ID in January and February to send advertising. In August forum, because the advertisement ID sends in the post has the involvement yellow information, Google advertisement stops to put on the forum, not many days, the server IP is also blocked. At first I thought the server problem, and then I found it was still visited by statistics, and it was all foreign IP, so I realized that I was in harmony. Over the wall to backup the data after a month until September, before quitting work resumed and began to sit in front of the computer, ready to tidy up the forum, do not want to waste a year of hard work.

is so accurate that the CD business is started from the end of September, is a harmonious one month, basically are also not included in Baidu. Fortunately, none of the previous data was lost, and the server was re opened. The effect has been good in recent months.

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