Rational thinking of local websites how to choose profitable industry

roughly speaking, the main income industries of local portals are property, home, wedding and automobile. From the perspective of possible future mining, we can also try education, tourism and talents. These are experiences, and they are tried out. Yet it is not enough to know the conclusion; we must find the law of reason.

1. Why do you choose the industry? Very realistic for three reasons:

1, maximize revenue. From 2001 to 2006, are enjoying the opportunities in the field of local industry dividend business owners, however 8-10 years after their end there is a world of difference! Success, choose the real estate currently has hundreds of millions of output value, choose the delicacy industry do 100~200 is not easy. Fear of entering the wrong men, women afraid of marrying wrong Lang, the choice of the industry is so cruel.

2, reducing trial and error costs. One of the great puzzles of local portals is that there are so many opportunities that they seem to be able to do anything. What to do? What to do? – between the heads, trial and error costs have been extremely high.

3, enterprise operation safety. Why is the red child fading? Why has Guangzhou’s mother network been developing fast? It seems that it is all in the mother and infant industry, and the choice of operation is entirely different. Local websites have chosen the wrong point, and the business is hedged with large websites nationwide and will be eaten without attention. Small industry cut fine, high proportion of the field is cut, light weight is injured in the sinews or bones, crowning calamity.

two, select the key dimensions of the industry

there must be several important factors that determine the differences between national and local. Although seemingly localized services, public comment business for the national, home business is suitable for localization. A few years ago, we were very vague and said: "customization, bulk."". Then, last year, I added: "there must be a lot of customized services or products that need to be experienced.". What exactly is the dimension? Try to analyze:

1, service depth. The deeper the customer service requirements, the more suitable for localization. Such as: real estate, home, wedding.

2, profit thickness: the higher the profit margins, suitable for local operations.

3, single consumption volume: for consumers, the list is big enough for him to care about, you need to see the goods under orders, suitable for localization.

4, customization degree: the product is complex and difficult to explain by language alone. It is suitable for localization, such as cabinets and other bulky customized home products.

5, the degree of socialization: poor integrity, you need to listen to the credible person said, dare to buy, suitable for localization.

6, technical requirements: Internet products, technical requirements are relatively low, suitable for local sites.

we ignore the factors: the level of local economic development, media ownership, team, industry, professional situation, etc..

What is the logic of the above standard


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