SEO modification skills in the healthcare industry for Baidu’s big changes.

all webmaster friends, everyone, in July, but I think there are many people like me, the impact of the June Baidu’s large-scale adjustment, as well as shadow.

my station and most of the owners did, but may I observe the cycle longer, I found the great changes from the beginning of June 8th, Baidu, originally IP suddenly dropped a lot, and then found that part of the long tail keywords dropped the case.

arguably these are relatively common things, but with Baidu every Wednesday, Thursday change, is likely to be a precursor to the medical station friends all know that this industry is relatively sensitive, most of the sites are there to buy Links and stack keywords situation, my station is no exception. In June 22nd, I stand and be right down, ranking plummeted, snapshot to June 17th, although this comes suddenly, but my heart has been ready to do the medical station before and after No. 22 colleagues may, more or less some changes, such as snapshot stagnation, ranking small decline, 6 stand our department, including 4 station ranking changes, small amplitude by reducing the number of articles, improve the quality of the article, but not before and in the article in contact with Type and advertising words are published purely in news and advisory terms, from 10 daily updates to 5, and the links in the article range from 3-5 to 1-2. One of the 3 stations in 2 days after the resumption of snapshots and included, also a station left, because the early site is not to be responsible for me, so the basic optimization is not ready, such as 301404, tag, keyword layout and so on, is such a station.

in June 27th, a small earthquake of the Internet, Google PR update to update from January to stop suddenly after a lapse of six months, and Baidu fell sharply included, rankings (part of the website promotion included, lower ranking), the optimization in the above mentioned poor stations have been planning to the earthquake area.. Let’s change it:

site all rankings are down, part of the rankings disappear, snapshot stopped in June 17th, site included from 2900 to 60, and every day update article, degree Niang not included. Encounter this, have to say bad, but as SEO optimization personnel, the calm and calm the mind must have (narcissism, under) said the following about how I treat this situation:

Part of the column page

to modify the site title, the title and content related column page links increase, and modify the part of the column page, the benefits of doing so is to enhance the weight of the column page, to prevent the home page weight high, column page basically no weight phenomenon.

each article manually add TAG tags, here should pay attention to, if the home page did cloud label, that must be reasonable to do nofollow, prevent a large number of duplicate pages generated, in case K.


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