The way and practice of B2B platform promotion

now with many users in Guangzhou wholesale market network advertising, in order to upgrade membership, do network promotion, don’t need to spend effort can sit back, at home waiting for disk information on the line.

in fact, otherwise, such as Guangzhou wholesale market network, such as the B2B platform to provide network promotion services, not a home service, one-stop style. B2b platform is like a wholesale market, a city… Spent thousands of thousands of tens of thousands, only to get a berth only, in order to do business well, we must spend great effort in the above serious business.

With the rapid development of the Guangzhou

wholesale market, more and more suppliers, there is a problem that the internal competition is quite fierce. There are hundreds of suppliers in the same industry, several thousand, or even tens of thousands. This is bound to lead to fierce competition in a B2B platform to get customers down. Constant circle network marketing expert Liu Libing think, Guangzhou than send market network and these B2B platform to a certain extent, in fact, is already a more specialized search engine.

looking for buyers of product suppliers, they mainly point to the first five pages of customers, the row behind the customer’s effect is much worse. If you want to put the results in the front, or spend large sums of money and Guangzhou wholesale market network to buy promotion business, or rely on running a good site, put the natural ranking up, which is similar to search engine optimization.

how to operate their own B2B platform shops? The first to improve the image of shops to improve customer conversion rate, if you shop products are not detailed, such as the company is also very rough, so the customer to conversion to your inquiry on the low. Second, to improve the shops in the B2B platform ranking, ranking is too low, the opportunity to be seen by customers too little.

do a good job of shop image, improve rankings, you can do the following things,


it’s the most important thing to do well in product display.

1, the product provides as much as possible rich, many kinds.

2, the quality of the picture of the product to be high, you can spend some money to professional photographers to shoot, product pictures, the effect of good, to improve the search rate to help a lot.

3, the parameters of the product should be detailed and complete. Do not buy the mouth of the head, and some careless enterprises, product parameters and product pictures and product names do not meet, which will leave a bad impression on customers

4, regular updates. If you have a new product, come out, it should be updated in a timely manner, timely updates of the product is very beneficial, easy to obtain high rankings in product retrieval.

‘s image,

The image of

company is also important. If the company has a certain strength, it should be on the site to show its strength and advantages. Provide a brief introduction of the company. The public.

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