Zhou Xiaohui small and medium sized nternet operation strategy

Zhou Xiaohui think 08 operators do, that time is the contact operations shortly before the crazy to find relevant learning materials, learning SEO, website promotion, network marketing and so on the books, and put into practice, the effect is there, but not too rigid, want to do Tai Chi 42 dial Jin, if the website promotion out, to create a mature product can continue to profit, said this task for Jack too, especially the novice like me a lot of pressure.

personally think the website operation is based on the location of the web site itself, a healthy website in order to have a better development, better to profit, to create value, web is like cars, one can only run 70 yards of motorcycle, he cannot run 100 yards, or will pull the cylinder, the target group positioning website in fact, in the design of products has been made about the website. With the continuous development of operation, the site is also in constant iteration upgrade, the site location in one stage of the corresponding operation positioning the positioning, or operation of the allocation of resources to guide the site, and finally there is the market and users (customers) to approve.

a new web site program is not the most important issue, an open source program can help you build a web site, you first need to solve is the construction of website, if you say I have a locomotive, I said, your website is not a website, you draft, I do not oppose the construction content with the locomotive or similar acquisition software, the beginning can indeed reduce a lot of manpower cost, but please don’t forget the original and speculation, gather user.

at the beginning of each general website operation mainly is SEO and SEM, the two way is to bring the maximum flow site, small and medium-sized Internet profit mainly depends on the flow, but how to flow? How to rely on the SEO flow and SEM SEO method, I will not say, is also a lot of work URL, writing light you have great doorways, you can download the file is DOC or PDF, to search by included are influential, but finally comes back to building up the content. Especially the original content and pseudo original content (pseudo original is not very popular).

general website positioning, or have profitability, or for other products to provide auxiliary operations. (except for public welfare)

The new

website better closely now your user groups positioning, creating value for users, a website created no value, living conditions is endless to burn, to tell the truth, this website is not the value of existence. Before the content of the website construction must make a feasibility analysis, based on the user groups do analysis, including age, sex ratio of user groups, their own use or use others, students or employees, income, value orientation, the distribution of the Internet time… Wait.

content construction, the best to find!

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