Preferential activities one after another home market has not been idle

and previous years are different, in August of this year, home improvement building materials industry has changed in previous years, the home market has been no idle". In August this year, home improvement building materials market as well as home improvement companies are exceptionally lively, while the home building materials market competition launched a wave of promotions, special offers, buy, experience will be…… A wide range of promotional activities to attract consumers.

highlights: single event less, "jointly" activities of more than

8 7 days, the reporter visited the Mercure logistics park, Hualing building materials market, Home Furnishing stores rentouzandong, all kinds of "low price marketing", "crazy half off" eye-catching advertising.

many building materials business said that in mid August, many businesses will jointly hold a building group purchase, is expected to be 20 with several brands, the group purchase will planning activities with flash sale and zero auction, the king orders, orders for the purchase, the value of many surprise link. In addition, but also for the owners of red envelopes and deposits, such as doubling the value of the link, consumers can buy through this group will buy inexpensive decoration products.

According to the

Jiezhuang companies: preferential activities one after another

highlights: the shop is a gift delivery

million red envelopes

8 month Jiezhuang market, the biggest feature is the increase in home improvement company activities. Coupled with a number of home improvement companies are celebrating anniversary, have launched a number of promotions.

as one product decoration, just ushered in the six anniversary celebration, July 29th and August 23rd, one product decoration will increase the preferential launched multiple Hao Li, to the owners to benefit. On the day, as long as there is a mini humidifier VIP invitation, holding VIP ticket owners can participate in the lucky draw activities guests (worth 10 thousand yuan), in addition, VIP tickets arrived with 666 yuan for projects; the top 20 Chengyijin customer site to grab privilege engineering, can enjoy the double Chengyijin project a privilege is recommended;

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