Penglai decentralization to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship

in such a public venture period, promote entrepreneurship has become a society and the theme of the times, now in Penglai, people began to promote decentralization entrepreneurial people activities, and achieved good results.

cut down the "threshold" public record ignite passion

10 computer room of more than and 80 square metres, more than a dozen students in a circle, discussing how to develop the "Wyatt Tour" mobile phone APP software market. This is the morning of the reporter walked into the spring of Penglai College of science and Technology Innovation Park, University of Jinan, students encounter a scene, hanging on the door Yue Yue studio.

pave the way unimpeded public record channel

is located in Penglai City Economic Development Zone of small business and entrepreneurship counseling base, built a large workshop. 20 thousand square meters of the workshop in the first day of the use of the input, that is, to usher in sincere electronics, di Chen energy technology, such as the fall of the 3 companies recommend 1

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