Ten thousand yuan in rural entrepreneurship can do

the country people, in the base of the rural population China large country, rural entrepreneurs market is rash and too much in haste. National support policies are good, in rural entrepreneurship to enjoy many of the help. So what can you do to make money in the countryside?

1, the first condition is that the product is novel, the market space is very big.

2, products generally do not choose the necessities of life.

necessities of life, in great demand, but its sales channels are perfect, the competition is also great, its profit space is limited.

3, the product is generally not available in supermarkets, fresh goods sought.

4, the actual cost of the product is low commodity.

according to the study of different countries, there is a big difference between the intermediary fees, the lowest is highest for the United States, Southeast Asian countries. Intermediary service fees generally does not include the cost of formalities, to study in Australia, for example, these costs generally include: Visa Fees: 315 Australian dollars (about 1500 yuan), examination fee: 1200 yuan; notarization fee: 500-600 yuan; passport fee: 200 yuan. According to the most conservative estimates, a student through the intermediary to go abroad, before going abroad, the cost is generally not less than 15000 yuan, a little hot country, spend more than $20000.


people when shopping, often can see a variety of shoe stores, such as shoe stores, travel shoe stores, sports shoes stores, even shoes store, but noticed, but rare slippers store.

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