nspirational entrepreneurial story brings you full positive energy

In this paper,

dedicated to those in the business of looking for the direction of the people, hope to bring you more positive energy: a staff full of complaints suddenly had the courage to step down, and began to realize their ambitions in the industry; an experienced genius has found a way to better serve the market, also to resign open a new company. For these people, entrepreneurship is a natural step.

before accidentally left the company, the 41 year old founder Nichol Oden Eleven  Spa (Nicole  Oden) in the prestigious Smith  Barney; financial company vice president, 12 years for a long time, she was disappointed and dissatisfied for spa services.
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"is so quick to make the decision." She said, I have a rough idea, then thought, ‘I want to build this place, everyone will come, I want to go back to work, but also to build a great SPA service institutions’."

4 years later, Spa launched a series of skin care services in 2008, started on the right track in, sales reached $6 million. In January 2009, she also opened a new store in Las Vegas, the first year sales are expected to reach $12 million.

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