Net red is not a panacea to eat big cake fans economy

with the "Internet plus" era, especially with the emergence of short video, broadcast and other new forms of communication, bearing style of fans economy is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down. The traditional TV, film and other media as the main carrier of the star economy, began to move to the short video, live broadcast and other media as the main carrier of the transfer of the red economy.


The traditional

star economy, became a star often requires a company to create a full range of packaging and can be accepted by the majority of fans, the star became the top of the "Pyramid" of the industrial chain, large occupation categories and appear because of stars. "Internet plus" era, this situation began to change, the drawbacks of traditional star economy also began to be exposed.

high cost, long cycle, slow returns…… The main problem of restricting the economic development of the traditional star. A lot of people will be the star economy than the reason why the current fans attributed to this. However, they just ignored one of the most fundamental problem is that the star economy is called star economy, one big reason behind is that it has a huge fan base, the fans, the star in the economy "Star" to top star economy of Pyramid students are lack of. These fans support, the star of "building" economy will face the risk of capsizing.

as the reasons for these people are not complete, they do not know the star before becoming a star, one of the most important reason is that the spread of. Only by constantly spread to let more people know that the stars in order to attract more people, more people, the star will become a star. If from the spread of star will become dull.

however, with the transformation of the mode of transmission, the star economy also began to change, the traditional star as the main carrier began to shift to the main carrier of the network red. Although many people do not see the net as a genuine star, the trend is inevitable. A lie in the great migration of fans of film and television industry has quietly come and song. The emergence of Papi sauce and access to capital concern is a very distinct example.

a lot of people think of the popularity of Papi sauce as an accident. They do not think the Papi sauce represents a large fan of the economic trend of the moment, but with the change of mode of transmission, they took turns to Papi sauce these people have become the view cannot withstand a single blow. So why did the Papi sauce appear, and their presence was really an accident?.

users transferred to the network so that the network has grown red soil. The reason why the network will become a net red red, one of the most important reason is that they have tens of thousands of fans behind the support. What are the fans in the perspective of the Internet, a fan is one of the users. What is the network of red in the Internet thinking, one of the red is a product

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