What attention should be placed before the stall

Compared to the

and shop business, a street vendor has too many advantages, do not need to choose a professional shop, business is more flexible, want to change the business address can change, because of this, many people are beginning to put stall business. However, want to start their own business from the beginning of the stall, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge, more attention to the early. So, need to pay attention to those matters before the stall?

a, choose the right place to stall:

first depends on where you are, near the school? In the industrial zone? In the bustling commercial street, we should pay attention to observe what is the people, what they are interested in.

two, choose the right stall project:

choose some of the new gadgets, or what we need, the market will be better! The new exotic products, clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, etc. These are good oh! The following is recommended for everyone to put a few projects stall, friends can choose according to their own.

1, put a stall selling fashion women’s

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

2, put stall selling small adorn article

small ornaments adorn the cost is generally not high, you can see to get cheap goods, jewelry must be fashionable, it is best to have a beautiful packaging. So you can sell a little higher, a little more profit. But don’t push too much.

3, put a stall selling leather shoes

sell shoes made of quality assurance, the price is not expensive, there are buyers, super good business.

4, put the stall selling mobile phone accessories

sell mobile phone accessories, mobile phone film, mobile phone is now a necessity for some people. Not much investment, considerable profits, and now engaged in this industry, there are a lot of people, so we must concentrate on doing, and there is no different place, whether it is a product, or sales methods.

5, put stall selling books magazine

book magazine, ten yuan a, the price of about $five, a lot of the supermarket door, you have to find a good place to sell very well, you can sell for a long time, just started a little high.

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