Several principles of the shop location can not be unknown

there are a lot of young people are preparing to start a business, while the shop is a common way of entrepreneurship, there are many people will have a shop idea. Here, the small series for you to explain about the home store location seven gold standard.

1, conveniently accessible areas, or near some major stations. Be able to set up shop within 20 minutes of walking distance. Many people on the side of the shop as well.

2, close to the place where people gather. For example, theatres, cinemas, parks and other entertainment venues nearby, near or large factories, offices, will be in stores in this place can attract access pedestrian after, on the other hand, it is easy to make customers remember this shop location. And for the guests to come, can be introduced to others, it will be easier to guide people to patronize.

3, choose close to the population will increase. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will add more customers to the store and make it more potential for development.

4, the same store gathering area. For those who choose to buy durable goods shop, if you can focus on a lot or block, it can attract customers.

5, to choose a smaller side of the street or obstacles. Many times, pedestrians crossing the road, because the focus of the spirit to escape the vehicle or other pedestrians, it is easy to ignore the side of the shop, so choose such a poor location.

6, with its choice of businesses are now optimistic about the location of the store business, it is better to choose the near future will be changed from cold to hot not optimistic about the streets, which is also an investment vision.

7, sometimes with its good store business direction and then look for a place to operate, it is better to find a place in the middle, low price of the business premises, to investigate their environment and then decide their own business direction.

In fact, in the process of


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