Do not do this old gun director farmer son Sike 800 million of its annual output of Cherry Hill


just picked cherries, come and eat! Delicious!" Wang Bo dark face is just a smile, a kick to greet us to eat cherries, and he sat in the morning meeting room panruoliangren.

returned to his mountain, looking at his nuts, he make a love of farmers, this is the ideal life he chose 14 years ago.

old gun son selling himself open barren Sike a treasure


(Fushan District Zhang Ge Zhuang Zhen cherry growers Wang Shaochun


Wang Shaochun, an out of town, Fushan District of Yantai City Zhang Ge Zhuang "agriculture two generation", as a director in the city, suddenly put down these props, return the mountains, picked up a hoe, nobody in Menlou reservoir side of the barren hills and the cherry.

never worked on the farm of the "old gun" Wang Shaochun to reclaim 200 acres of barren hills and no road, no electricity, no communication, family opposition, other farmers also firmly said "it is absolutely not out!" but Wang Shaochun is stubborn to be a pioneer.

he told reporters that he believes he can, and he just took a fancy to the natural, pollution-free reservoir.

compared to the surrounding opposition, 30 yuan contract fee of $4000 for Wang Shaochun is really too difficult to go hom. Since chose to Sike in the end, the first year paid 800 yuan, borrowed 200 yuan for third years, there is no way, bite the bullet and sold the old house, with his wife, had a dog, go to the mountains and built a small house, lived a life of firewood for cooking.

two years of reclamation, light work even the moonlight, sweat and jumped into the reservoir in the bath, lonely and his wife say, play with the dog…… Road, soil, water, trees, and finally ushered in the eighth year of cherry red, but also left a large and small scar on the head.

he said excitedly, especially a sense of accomplishment, because he has been out of the more than 1 thousand Sike cherry tree, cherry flavor than ordinary cherry to many delicious.

later he knew that behind the mountain is a dead volcano, the soil under the mountain and the ordinary agricultural land slightly different, so the difference in the taste of cherry. Coupled with terrain factors, Wang Shaochun’s cherry trees in the rainy weather will not produce water, but also a threat to a natural disaster.

who did not think, 14 years ago, the mountain was now a treasure


electricity supplier to find the door is stubborn

"come and go, eat directly, what is organic, green, I do not have the kind of clean," Wang said as he picked two cherries from the tree.

After all,

at the edge of the reservoir, in order to guarantee Zhang Ge Zhuang Zhen and surrounding residents living water, Wang Shaochun insists no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which increases the cost of management and strength in the invisible, can not guarantee.

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