The new provisions of the Ningbo Xiangshan staff style in violation of the provisions will be accoun

in our daily lives, although there are a lot of details, but many staff do not comply with, but also have a certain impact on social atmosphere. Are not allowed to be sent, National People’s Congress allowed illegal to make arrangements for weddings, send and receive gifts, no non pro personnel are not allowed to buck passing, occupation of public green space, not without reason of arrears of property charges…… Recently, Xiangshan County, Ningbo city issued a "standard" style of personnel of Xiangshan County authorities, listed personnel should abide by the "4" and "16 prohibitions", a violation of the provisions will be accountable.

it is understood that, in order to optimize the cadres image, Xiangshan County, Ningbo city recently formulated the "staff of the Xiangshan County bureaucracy behavior", for the county departments and township (street) staff to draw the line, direction and specification. The specification focuses on regulations, documents have not been explicitly prohibited, but in reality is more common, the larger the masses, and the identity of the staff does not match with the agency, damage the image of the details".

and its main contents include: one is to comply with work discipline, strengthen the consciousness of rules, are not allowed to work without leave go out or entrust others to attendance, absence or meeting at the venue, walk around the phone; the two is to correct their attitude, strengthen the sense of play, no organization refused to implement the decision, negative work, are not allowed to explain away refuses to perform, shouwenzeren system, deliberately set up obstacles, etc.; the three is to uphold the integrity, strengthen self-discipline, not Jiagongjisi, accepting illegal gifts, accept banquets, allowed illegal investment and management or service object relationship lending funds; the four is to establish a good image, strengthen the demonstration not allowed to wear in public awareness, exposure, words and deeds of anomie, is allowed to spread negative information, to discredit the image of the party and the government, not Quasi violation of public order and good morals.

reporter noted: the provisions of the public image of the organ staff also made detailed provisions. In addition to personnel should pay attention to dress, demeanor, not in the no smoking signs of smoking in public places, not allowed to throw rubbish in the window, free parking, zebra crossing, not give way to pedestrians are not allowed to violate public order and good morals, occupation of public space and green space, no arrears of property charges.

Ningbo, Xiangshan, the introduction of new regulations on the style of staff, for the specification of the style of staff is of great significance. If there is a violation of the provisions of the staff, will be punished? It is understood that the Ningbo city Xiangshan county Party committee is also supporting the development of measures in violation of the "norm", the implementation of alert, admonishing or honest conversation in violation of the provisions of the cancellation of the person, when the annual Pingyoupingxian qualifications, deduct the unit annual evaluation score authority democratic style.

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