The most suitable for personal low cost entrepreneurship project in 2015 the latest project

entrepreneurial wealth has now become a lot of people’s ideal, and in the society, is also very positive to promote people to entrepreneurship and wealth, but also to remind everyone in the business should find a good and rich entrepreneurial projects, so as to create the road farther and farther.

two, entrepreneurial projects on paper animation city

paper animation City products can simulate all kinds of movement in the form of an object through special film, paper to see the film, in the process of attracting children, let the children learn all kinds of knowledge. Low investment threshold, a few thousand dollars can easily start.

to create children

four, venture lighting store

lighting store in accordance with the standard business area is divided into 10 – 20 square meters of ordinary shops, 25 – 50 square meters and 50 square meters of the flagship store. Operators do not need to pay management fees, brand fees and fees, but the need to pay 18 thousand and 800 yuan, or $28 thousand and 800 or $48 thousand and 800 on the basis of the type of store investment margin.

six, venture 3D stereo carpet, personality Home Furnishing custom

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