On the cusp of the famous superior products

whether it is a star or a brand store, it’s a sudden burst of red behind the public opinion is like a storm, people caught off guard. Recent public opinion tuyere in the name of the product is a good example, the development of the brand is blocked or help full?

One of the

it is generally questioned whether there is plagiarism or high imitation products. For example, familiar with cosmetics and bags of users found the name of excellence products a price of 10 yuan for the perfume, packing with Elizabeth · Arden Green Tea perfume packaging a body lotion almost as like as two peas, with cherry L’OCCITANE body milk packaging is similar to that of another Cleansing Cream with Japan’s Shiseido PerfectWhip package basically no difference between. There is a shopping bag with Longchamp classic dumplings are almost exactly the same……

asked this question, a superior co-founder Ye Guofu at first seems to be more common mentality, he might have faced such a question. He told reporters, most goods transit network, fast fashion products are "copying" problem, "said we copied, is standing in another perspective on this problem, we don’t see it in the eyes of different people have different opinions, we all have our own design. But some places are similar or similar".

I (the LOGO) and a happy shopping bag (referring to the shape of LOGO and above the smile: editor’s note), but the individual bad media that you copied UNIQLO, this is not a groundless statement?" He drank a tea, getting more and more anger, tone tone becomes high: "it is our Multimedia and UNIQLO LOGO into the newspaper headlines came out, I said good, home appliance industry, Internet companies every day in the media to help me to tear tear force, force, help me to do free advertising."

"a price" in China for no reason?

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