Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou attached to 15 companies with a material

[lead]2015, China venture capital industry has changed from summer through winter suddenly. The hustle and bustle of Zhongguancun venture street from the vote, vote, vote to winter driving carefully". O2O P2P fried rotten, no sound, VC are cautious, rub heat entrepreneurs puzzled. However, as long as the quality of the seeds, will eventually germinate, flowering, results. The cold of winter, the superiority of the start-up companies, still holding huge financing, playfully forward.

venture capital Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu hardware of the land of abundance of Shanghai, a city of Hangzhou, the Internet third…… "New NewSeed" thematic planning city unicorn "series", take you over the unicorns or walk on the road of the unicorn who seek China best entrepreneurial city. Look at the winter, those who still live like a model of start-up companies rely on what.

today, we come to Guangzhou.

most of the flowers, delicious Cantonese, high streets and back lanes congee soup…… When Spring Festival comes, here will be held once a year lunar new year fair, formerly known as the new year’s Eve about the flower market, began in the Ming dynasty. In ten, the The Strip, sea waves of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. When you look at this, you can’t even start the business with the city, because there’s no trace of fireworks. But you have to admit, it’s a very commercial city.

buta technology founder Ke Yuanda believes that Guangzhou is characteristic of entrepreneurial companies, affected by the city of traditional business thinking, so profit model and business direction are targeting money from the recent and fast place, cause more entrepreneurial companies and gaming business. Moreover, due to focus on making a low profile, the ability to do brand and marketing is very short. Compared to Shenzhen, Guangzhou’s technological innovation is not enough, it is not enough.

but if so you think known as "Guangdong most probably it did not actually happen children intelligent hardware city" of Shenzhen, will be in business this matter rolling Guangzhou, that you hear the sound, only the face. The venture here is far from my expectations. In addition, vip.com YY has logged NASDAQ listed companies, in the past year, Guangzhou has a lot of potential Unicorn startups emerge, they have gained large financing. And so safely through the winter, perhaps, they are the next business model it!

million Airlines: let the UAV abandon the remote control

is a focus on unmanned aerial vehicle technology company, founded in April 2014. In May 2014, released its first unmanned aerial vehicle products Ghost. Ghost UAV without any assembly or additional remote control, with a smart phone APP control can be reduced, the user use threshold. In December 2014 to get $10 million A round of financing, the successful completion of a hundred million Ghost mass production. August 2015, billion airlines also received $42 million B round of financing.

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