do not recommend that students leave school business principal

now college students are talking about entrepreneurship, learning and entrepreneurship can not have both the temptation to have both. Now the Ministry of education has issued opinions to allow college students to start a business. But really say it is better to drop out of business?

in entrepreneurship, college students should grasp the business or catch the school? Zhong Wei, President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, students want to study based on entrepreneurship to be carried out on the basis of their studies, so that school, entrepreneurship two. 24, Canton held 2015 principals and students on behalf of tea ". In tea Syria, Zhong Wei and 10 students around the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship, the topic of dialogue.

"business students lack most is not money, but the resources and business", "if you cannot have both academic and entrepreneurial good, don’t start"…… Suggestions and comments for students, Zhong Wei said, the school will provide a full range of support from the policy, funding, teachers and so on.

tea Syria, students put forward the contradiction between entrepreneurship and learning, I hope the school will venture into the credit system, a comprehensive assessment of the ability of students. In this regard, the school official said, the school is exploring the reform of the area. Zhong Weihe believes that students should be based on their studies, if the time and energy can not be considered both learning and entrepreneurship, you can consider leaving school business, but should not give up their studies.

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