Hefei first hit off festival will be opened on 12

business has now become one of the themes of the times, at the same time, in the country every year held a number of entrepreneurs in the event, in mid September of this year, Hefei’s first hit off the festival began to hold, then it will attract a lot of entrepreneurs.

"in order to further accelerate the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in Baohe District, Baohe district plans in September 12th to 13 held the" Hefei first hit off the festival "," Baohe district responsible person, then, by carrying out the theme of the forum, creating entrepreneurial road shows, exhibitions and a series of activities, gathering national excellent business mentor and Hefei local a customer resources, build Hefei hit off the event.

the passenger section for a period of two days, in September 12th at the University of Science and Technology of China – water hall held to "entrepreneurs night" as the theme of communication activities, invited a number of business investment leader speech share, and answer the business issues. September 13th will be held in the "Internet plus Hefei" activities in the Hefei Grand Theater, to Internet entrepreneurs, intelligent hardware as the theme of the speakers and special roadshow activities, technology products show.


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