Xue Manzi investment philosophy people, reliable reliable, the price is not expensive.

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: This is not a social problem, is money and thinking "grievances", this article regardless of hero, only on vision and vision.

capital circles have such a river, talking about their own special story. There are so many people in the arena, to a certain extent, determine the fate of the start-up company’s image. Looks like a game.

who enters the world?

Internet Co’s creation, survival, and then to glory, in addition to the founder and the whole operation of the thinking behind the credit, as well as capital manipulation. Who enters the world, not only the conversion of thinking, but also the replacement of the new lifestyle. Although we prefer to simply focus on a few rounds of financing.

in fact, the penetration of capital for start-ups, deeper than we thought. Angel investors decided to pitch, how much investment means well versed in industry road, the future market view. But sometimes, is the founder of cattle, and sometimes investors cattle.

angel investment will be after 50, after 60, after the introduction of 90, after 95, after the world’s after 00,

in investment circles removed from the lakes, and most of the mainstream consumer today (World 90,00) far apart, but they can through personal investment behavior and direction, promote most of the whole society, gradually accept new things, and enjoy the convenience of innovation.

Xue Manzi about 4 years ago to invest Cosplay website at a recent event, he realized that the sub culture, cartoon culture will gradually become the 95 after 00, after the way to experience the world, angel investors can see this trend, is a huge opportunity. Capital can promote this novel lifestyle, but also reflects the cultural industry will be the capital of the gathering position. Some of the current consumer behavior will be out of date, but the desire for pleasure is long-lasting.

Xue Manzi said that entrepreneurs are born

this year over sixty years, Xue Manzi is angel investment circles "angel". According to his account, like Lei Jun, Zhou Hongwei such entrepreneurs are born, as long as there is a certain amount of money and a lot of resources, infinite patience and help, can put a little bit small seedling cultivation.

because most of the enterprises are in the face of angel investment in start-up period, and most of the projects in the non profitable stage, more just facing the idea of a powerful and unconstrained style. So what do you rely on to judge the value of your investment? The answer is


capital is not valuable from scratch, but from there to no, people are also

investors, although the first thing to see is a business plan, but it can really make decisions must be to achieve this plan. The right man can make the complicated things simple.

initially invested $100 thousand in Facebook, and later earned 1 billion. At the beginning of December, the founder of Mark &m>

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