How to improve the success rate of food and beverage industry

in everyone’s entrepreneurial experience, more and more people see our food and beverage market, for the moment the catering market maintained the best business confidence, but in the catering business on the road should also pay attention to the marketing strategy.

in the entire hotel management from time to time to consider, in my opinion, to do marketing, first to develop the best marketing orientation, choose a better target market, actively use and development of a variety of marketing strategies, in order to achieve the ultimate purpose of quality marketing. Organization marketing: Marketing in the organization, to do the following:

designated sales area and scope. Sales Department Manager with the area and scope of sales personnel designated sales, adopt the way, actively guide the sales staff to expand sales, distribution area and range according to a sales potential, the geographical position and the category of customers to be distributed. Food and beverage industry to join you to make money to grasp the key to the marketing of holiday food franchise stores. Specified sales target. The marketing manager sets the sales target according to the sales target and policy. Sales indicators are divided into quantitative indicators and quality indicators.

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