Yoga beauty industry has no potential for development

behavior to reveal women’s unique temperament, this is the magical effect of yoga, the pursuit of physical beauty more and more people, so more and more people are practicing yoga, especially in women. The development potential of

object from the consumer point of view the beauty industry development potential, at the age of 25 –45 year old middle-aged women, is the mainstream of the female consumer groups, the main target customers is yoga training. They generally have a good spending power and consumer attitudes, some of which are middle-aged women have been successful, family stability, has a strong ability to fund. They have a strong pursuit of health, beauty, fashion, taste and perfection. But there are relatively few items in the marketplace that serve these women and meet their needs. The gym can meet their fitness goals, but too strenuous exercise often let their beauty salons generally only terribly fatigued; the facial care service, basically the same, it is difficult to meet the needs of the full range of women. As far as yoga is concerned, the natural and elegant environment, soft music, and soothing movements can make these women more effective in shaping the body, improving health and reducing stress and adjusting the body and mind.

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