Krypton space program landed 20 cities nationwide

in the new period of public entrepreneurship, the social entrepreneurship form has undergone great changes, some new social venture entrepreneurs appear in the sight of them, it will be better service to some entrepreneurs.

9 on Sept. 8, 36 krypton officially launched the "krypton space plan X20", before the end of 2016 krypton space mode expansion to 20 city nationwide, with business incubator public service business, helping local high-quality projects grow, go out for the future "unicorn" enterprises.

A total of 600 million   /

2014 years, in the popular business  , people’s innovation under the heat wave, China’s Internet venture market ushered in a full-blown. While carrying the burden of undertaking pioneering business incubator, but also continue to emerge. Public data show that as of the end of 2014, there are more than 1600 kinds of domestic incubators.

in attracting entrepreneurial ecosystem services of krypton space professional project incubation and 36 of the full range of krypton, many outstanding entrepreneurial companies to join and implement the project incubator krypton space. As of August this year, krypton space from the registration of more than 5 thousand entrepreneurial projects selected and successfully hatched in the 72, the project through the rate of as low as 1.4%, the industry’s argument is that the rate of admission is lower than harvard". Among them, the completion of the financing of the project has 70, the total financing of nearly 600 million yuan, the project financing rate of 97%, becoming the highest success rate of domestic financing incubator.

36 krypton expansion of the country is conform to the needs of entrepreneurs "ripe" move. As early as the first 36 projects in krypton space screening process, the discovery of krypton from Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other non entrepreneurial projects in the proportion of considerable. Subsequently, the results of the special survey shows that 96.32% of entrepreneurial projects around the country want to be able to enter the krypton space in the city.

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