Former thunder co-founder Cheng Hao why do invest

editor’s note: founded in the 13 anniversary of the thunder, its co-founder Cheng Hao officially announced his resignation, and sonhwa capital Mr. Li Wei, Mr. Wang set up a renminbi fund called sonhwa from the main cast angel to A. The outside world is also about Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao to Public opinions are divergent., today announced the entrepreneur exclusive why he left 13 years of struggle of the thunder, the transformation of investors, he says it is a minor breakthrough yourself, I hope the next ten years to rebuilding a sequoia. So as a new investment fund, what are their advantages? Cheng Hao summed up 6 points. Enjoy.

recently I am often asked, said Hao brother recently in busy public no long?. I’m sorry to say that there are a lot of things in the past three months, but I will try my best to write it down in the future.

January 29th (today) is the 13 anniversary of the establishment of the thunder, but also I officially leave the thunder, the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the day (more memorable!). I and sonhwa capital Mr. Li Wei, Mr. Wang set up a renminbi fund called sonhwa from the main cast angel to A.

on why choose to do investment, I do think more, I have a strong curiosity for new things, all want to use a new mobile phone market, Samsung watches just listed I bought (through the wall in order to use the fee Si Jin), what Fitbit bracelet, smart glasses, smart socket is the earliest use of the Apps, not to mention. In addition, I compare social engineers, but also more willing to help others. Of course, there is an important reason is that the wife and children emigrated to the United States, and I need a more flexible time with family. So it’s a natural decision to invest. Successful entrepreneurs to make investment, are very common in Silicon Valley, in recent years one of the most active fund Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) is the two successful entrepreneurs, this year in Silicon Valley is very active, but also cast a lot of very star enterprises.

talked about investment, and now the fund company so much, really not bad we this one. In front of me, the first problem is that the fund and the enterprise, we are not early mover, as a new comer we have what advantage, how to do it?. The conclusion is that we should leveraging our industry background. Specific I summarize 6 aspects:

1, 15 years the Internet industry experience and in-depth understanding. When I joined Baidu in 2001, Baidu was only 60 people, when China’s Internet is still in a very early stage. And then the old Zou creation of thunder, is what jobs are done, wrote the code, do products, tube operation, also did the promotion, HR do not speak, the founder of itself is the biggest HR. May be the only legal, finance too professional field have done, the other trader personally, and the books, or listening to a successful person said is completely different. And the fifteen year cycle is long enough

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