Women’s underwear shop operating experience to share what taboo shop

don’t watch a lot of lingerie store size is not large, but the daily amount of income is quite high, of course, there are many shopkeepers to worry about things. Sometimes always ignore some business details, the owners must always sum up experience, and resolutely put an end to those shops taboo.

don’t have religious

if personally, the owner must be clear without rebuke, but a little lingerie shop is a public place, rather than a personal private sector, to the lingerie store all sorts of consumers, each have their own beliefs, if you store it is full of religious color. May reject the belief of different customers, therefore, underwear shop is best not religious.

do not store personal items in the store


set of underwear shop investors, managers and decision makers and many other roles in a body, the owner has disposal underwear shop income power, but in actual operation, the lingerie store is by the owner of a financial management, how to deal with the underwear shop funds depends on the owner’s decision, so the owner, in the use of funds often will be household expenses and store their spending mix.

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