You want to master the money you need to master the four strokes

in today’s society, men are responsible for making money to support the family, the woman responsible for the beautiful flowers, men make money, women spend money, so the woman’s money is best earned. You know, a family of 55% of the purchase behavior is done by women, and 11% by men and women together to complete. Want to make money for women? You have to understand the following four points:

A, sincerely for the sake of women

summer women the most distressing is good, a pair of stockings, a little inattentive torn off the wire, and then buy again broken broken, buy, wear a pair of socks for summer, economic losses and needless to say, one is in some important occasions,   suddenly off the silk stockings; the situation is enough they have a headache. Concerned about women’s socks, businessmen anxious women anxious, painstaking research, the introduction of a good toughness, not easy to break the high stockings, so that women happy, eager. In addition, the female   many people also worry, take it to cook, just a change of clothes, a meal down with smoke flavor, food, for a long time not to go, they smell uncomfortable, others smell frown. Considerate woman Japanese electronics   our principle of using steam to smell, to produce a steam brush cheap, only gently in the clothes on a brush, the smell disappears, to the satisfaction of all women, to buy, pocket money is Everfount into Japan & nbsp; the electrical appliance company account. Women are like this, willing to care about them, and they are considerate, for them to solve the problems of businessmen who are willing to open their wallets to them.

two, learn the psyche, seize the women’s heart

three, let women touch the goods

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