Wong Kwong Yu, the richest man in China

Abstract: the United States in 90s after getting better, Wong Kwong Yu began to practice Chaoshang Li Jiacheng said "non domain operators", try to multiple areas of business development in the fields of finance, real estate etc..

heard that Wong Kwong Yu and commuted a year, count the 10 months in 2012 to get the commutation, Wong Kwong Yu can take less than 22 months prison. Under normal circumstances, every three years is likely to get a commutation. If Wong Kwong Yu performs well, in theory there are two commutation opportunities, the fastest sentence in January 16, 2019, the end of the year, about 3 years and no more than 1 months!

Chinese former richest man now come to such a rival? We look at Wong Kwong Yu’s business history.

[poor children as early as 16 years old to make a living on the North]

1969, Wong Kwong Yu was born in Guangdong in Chaoshan area. The poverty The family is in straitened circumstances. young period, let him very early to experience the hardships of life, often with his brother Huang Junqin, by scavengers picking up trash to supplement household. In the early 80s, Wong Kwong Yu, a teenager, smuggled household appliances with others. Due to environmental constraints, Wong Kwong Yu Junior was educated at the age of 16 with his brother Huang Junqin north to make a living.

[initial: anti mainstream market line, adhere to the puerile]

1986, Wong Kwong Yu and Beijing in the Pearl River mouth of the city of under the name of the United States, the facade, began to sell imported appliances. 1987 Gome store officially listed. When the imported appliance sales as the seller’s market, many businesses are using "raise prices, in order to put forward" mode of operation, the Huang brothers do the opposite, to retail, puerile business strategy.

[the United States empire is a prototype: unified naming, chain management]

1992, Gome city development Zhushikou for large appliances mall, Wong Kwong Yu will name all kinds of stores have a unified name "Gome", focus on brand, began to move toward the chain operation of 1993, Huang brothers separated, Wong Kwong Yu was only 24 years old when she receives "Gome" brand and hundreds of thousands of cash.

[Huang butcher: suppress suppliers, the national leap forward]

1999, the United States from Beijing to the country, after the rapid growth to 88 in the city, the end of 2004, Gome in China mainland, Hongkong and Southeast Asia area of the main city, has more than 30 branches. Wong Kwong Yu by virtue of the strong position of the United States in the industrial chain, to take advantage of the extended payment cycle to the supplier, a large number of long-term occupation of funds, to create a strong business model, so as to achieve rapid expansion.

[merchants who have no domain: enter multiple fields, investment acquisitions and mergers]

the United States in 90s after getting better, Wong Kwong Yu began to practice Chaoshang Li Jiacheng said "non domain operators", try to multiple areas of the business to finance and real estate. >

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