Mito Hongkong PO pricing range will be finalized the highest fund-raising $710 million

Tencent Francisco November 28th, foreign media reports, sources, application developers self Mito company plans to IPO price range set at HK $8.50 per share of HK $-9.60, this calculation, the maximum raise about $710 million.

The original

Mito listed in Hongkong at the beginning of December, if the listing is successful, will become the largest science and technology IPO Hongkong stock market in recent 10 years.

in August this year, the company formally submitted to the HKEx prospectus. Prospectus shows that in the first half of 2016, Mito revenue 585 million 500 thousand yuan, compared with the first half of 2015, revenue of $180 million 600 thousand, an increase of 224.2%. Mito 2015, respectively, in 2014 and revenues were 741 million 800 thousand yuan in 2013, $488 million and $85 million 900 thousand.

prospectus, Mito since its inception a total of 5 round of financing, the total financing amounted to $501 million. Specific circumstances: November 7, 2013 was $5 million in the first round of financing; January 28, 2014 completed a $55 million A round of financing; June 12, 2014 completed a $115 million B round of financing; September 2015 completed a $190 million C round of financing; April 19, 2016 to June 20th completed a $136 million D round of financing.

product data, Mito prospectus, as of June 30, 2016, total monthly Mito’s live number 446 million, which Meitu Xiu Xiu live number 103 million, the United States took months to live 141 million months to live, beauty camera number 113 million. BeautyPlus months living number 36 million, the number of months since the tide live 24 million, beauty camera monthly living number of 17 million. Which as of June 30, 2016, Mito has more than 370 million overseas users, the total number of users in 25 countries and regions have reached more than 1 million, the total number of users in India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam were more than 10 million.

according to the documents submitted to the HKEx, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and China Merchants Securities for the joint underwriters of the IPO.

Mito company formerly known as Cai Wensheng, Wu Xinhong (micro-blog) to create the Xiamen Company Limited company of science and technology, it has a series of pictures of software available to users of pruning, post photos on social media photographs.

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