There are only two kinds of entrepreneurial failure misjudge the situation, overestimate their abili

Abstract: the first, the nature of the situation misjudgment, see the air inlet on the second kinds of resources and their own ability to overestimate.


had read an article about how beautiful that started, which talked about beauty in the promotion of sina micro-blog application platform and application platform of QQ space, was the first reaction is, it is not that I was also doing? 2012 when I just graduated, also do the shopping site, also in QQ space a test, then a variety of small test as long as the QQ space once approved Tencent will immediately release new products, then a small application can easily receive tens of thousands of IP traffic.

and at the time this pattern is also the achievements of other electricity supplier shopping guide website, such as the 51 rebate, the rebate network, the joy of Amoy (clearly Street) of these sites, and I went back to see three years after this process, I suddenly realized that if the business failure reason for it, there will be only two. My two pits are accounted for, hope that in my case, to talk about the two types of failures.

first, the nature of the situation misjudgment, to see the air into the

The first thing I do is

did not see the essence, then the mobile terminal is not rising, the main shopping mode users or stay in the PC era, while the United States pinterrest fast, this model is a waterfall stream picture display mode, the user does not need to turn the page, the new image is automatically loaded in the bottom of the page.

plus 2012 at the time of the site’s interaction and UI aesthetics in the Internet circle was pushed to the highest position, when a variety of domestic and foreign nursing fancy websites have emerged. So I went out of the pit, I began to study how to design a variety of interactive books, I hope to find the truth from these elegant interaction, and then use the JS for a new special effects, to make a super awesome products shopping guide, achieve the transition of 0 to 1 immediately.

but the essential thing is not so, the truth is the shopping site in the design is not too important, in the Asian cultural environment, website design style is noisy, lively hope, the kind of bold and simple style in China is only a small minority. Secondly, the shopping guide website is not designed to fight, but the operation and marketing, all done in the domestic shopping guide website has a strong operating system. I just set up a simple shopping site, no strong operation and marketing support, coupled with the fact in 2012 is at the end of the shopping guide mode bonus, single page source, shopping rebate shopping guide website source code, source code, SNS waterfall flow guide guide source can buy at Taobao, which indicates that most of the market has been ahead of time to carve up the finished, left a little residual root.

say the white crow "shopping" why this site first defeat, due to its location in a more beautiful fan said, so operators is difficult to concentrate.

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