More beautiful APP Liu Di have ideas to resign Grassroots entrepreneurship to cold start!

entrepreneur Liu Di believes that for grassroots entrepreneurs, in addition to full of passion, the most needed is a calm mind and a good control of the entrepreneurial gene. "Everyone had thought first with low cost small range of trial and error, if recognized by the market, there are some basic data to do so in full time, financing and recruitment of a big plus."  

if you are grassroots cold start is very important

for grassroots entrepreneurs, I would like to share with you is that cold start is very important. When you have a business idea in mind, do not rush to resign, because the idea is to use action to verify. I’ve seen too many people interested in working together on a full-time basis, but things do fast, die fast, had to go back to big companies to work.

I suggest you have ideas with low cost way of small range of trial and error, if recognized by the market, there are some basic data to do so in full time, financing and recruitment of a big plus.

when I do a more beautiful, was originally opened on the micro-blog called plastic guide account, every day to share and answer the user on the various types of plastic information. After a period of operation, has accumulated about 50 thousand fans, these people were later transformed into a more beautiful APP the first angel users.

why can I quickly and accurately attract fans in a short time?

first, test how well you know your target user.

you have to understand the characteristics of typical users of plastic surgery, what they love. I will initially target the hundreds of young model who, because this is the most typical plastic group. I pay attention to the topics they talk about, the accounts that they care about. What is the content and style of those accounts. So, through the summary, "plastic guide" style that is positioned out: a cool and strong acid, subtly malicious account.

know what you need to do is only the first step, the second test is the executive power. I have a good level of composition, not because I really will create, but I will imitate. Let me in Jin Yong’s style, the style I can easily operate cologne. So the "plastic guide" as the young model on account, a little bit of imitation, makeup, rubbing out of taste.

third, the account needs to break point, rather than mediocre operations. We had spent a month in experimental 20-30 a piece, a small range of market launch, with the same account, the same time, compared to the rating rate. Selected a best performance piece, concentrate all resources on large scale. There have been so 1-2 times, your initial Angel users accumulated down.

finally, there must be a sense of data, there is a sense of assessment. I was down 1 yuan investment, to get the micro-blog fans, WeChat fans, the 1 APP download. I think the price is very high

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