Fu Sheng venture purple cow theory differentiation, minimalist goal and go all out

DoNews April 19th news (reporter An Hong) with the first batch to join Fu Sheng group of domestic entrepreneurs successfully completed the trip to Silicon Valley, cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng has a deeper sense of entrepreneurship. In the recently held annual meeting of Ming potential capital, Fu Sheng put forward the essence of enterprise is looking for the purple cow theory should have the difference, minimalist goals and All (go in) three features.

360 has been in hot pursuit of emphasis on entrepreneurial unique

talking about the entrepreneurial nature, Fu Sheng once again stressed the previously proposed "purple cow theory", "imagine a scene, if there is a cattle all over the mountains and plains of the purple head of cattle, the impression will certainly let you suddenly awakened and remember for a lifetime, this is called the uniqueness of the important".

in addition to efforts and other basic elements, in this era of information, capital, entrepreneurial overload, how to find a unique position is the key to the rise of entrepreneurs. The meaning of the volume is not large, uniqueness is the first, therefore, the essence of entrepreneurship is to find purple cow".

Fu Sheng recalls, was attacked by the cheetah Qihoo 360 vigorously, even choose to form an alliance with Tencent did not solve practical problems, the crisis still exists. Since then, cheetahs choose to give up and 360 security guards to a higher degree of coincidence to do Internet security, and with all the enemies and 360 companies to establish cooperation. This product will Nikkatsu amount from the previous 5 million to more than 4000. Revenue also reached an average annual growth of 150%.

in the market share of up to 360 of the time, the cheetah moved again suffered the ceiling, squeeze became more violent than the 1/5. Fu Sheng began to realize that in others’ position doesn’t have the opportunity to develop beyond, despite the lack of experience in overseas market, mobile security tools and realizable path is unknown and a variety of questions, but due to the unique characteristics of the market, the cheetah still choose to transition to the global market.

, in and All between minimalist support entrepreneurial "purple cow"

Fu Sheng think, find unique entrepreneurship, should also have the difference, All in (best) and minimalist three characteristics supporting the "purple cow".

first, differentiation. Don’t do the same thing in this era, do not do the kind of work that must be done by working overtime, killing a red eye every day, a little bit of opportunity, or even an opponent’s mistake. This opportunity is not a good opportunity. You have to find a chance to win even if you are not so strong.

second, minimalist goal. If a goal can not be described in a single word or even a word, it must be reconsidered. In this day and age, the core ability is the ability to simplify.

cheetah will be defined as the core of the international route cleanup. Fu Sheng further explained that the word has to clear the depth, you can include garbage, viruses, >

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