How delicious 77 step by step to the demise of decision-making and management out of control

from fresh electricity supplier to the leader, everyone shouting loser reporter exclusive secret delicious 77 closed by

– IT Times reporter Zhang Yuwei

and an Internet start-up companies in a tragic way to end. April 7th afternoon, delicious 77 declared bankruptcy.

in the delicious 77 is located in Shanghai Laoshan Road No. 300 Pudong New Area Pulian Building 5 floor of the headquarters, unaware of the morning staff are still working, but that the company has gone bankrupt this afternoon…… Close to three years of hard work and pay, all the time to zero…… Leaving only the floor messy and a big question mark: once the tree back into how best fresh out of the run away in panic behind this? What is the secret? "IT times" reporter an exclusive interview with a former food 77 executives, secret this fresh upstart path of destruction.

is leaving


April 30, 2013, Zhengda heaven an ordinary employee Xu Ziming (a pseudonym) received an emergency notice interview, have a short conversation with your boss, he must make a big decision as soon as possible: Zhengda heaven will be officially out of Chia Tai Group, all employees must be at the end of the day decided to go or stay.

actually starts from half a year ago, handling relevant business employees should have to detect subtle changes taking place within the company: established in February 2011 is world, by virtue of the Chia Tai Group of strong financial background and industry chain support, quickly became a fresh business platform in a dark horse. But when the company initiatives should be at top speed, but it seems suddenly walked in opposite directions.

all over the country and the rapid expansion of site storage slowed down; and the related construction projects in some areas of the Chia Tai Group’s supermarket chain lotus was suddenly ordered a halt to promote cooperation; focus on fresh Zhengda heaven, but with new Thailand commodity shopping channel "is not" flow sharing…… In the view of CP world employees, all of these phenomena are pointing to a possibility: perhaps Zhengda Group are preparing to end this fresh electricity derivatives business line.


did not give any official explanation, but the rapid rate of expansion, excessive burn are factors that can not be avoided, then Zhengda Group has been committed to the promotion of Thailand tourism and the characteristics of Thailand commodity business, the electricity supplier for the fresh business are not familiar with, but also a lack of long-term planning.

Xu Ziming recalls, at that time or CP world occupation managers MI at the end of their occupation career in Zhengda heaven had expressed such meaning, now she stood out, is to build a platform for everyone. Or not come out.

It is postulated that

MI in early 2013, and began to take over the Chia Tai Group, Chia Tai world disc. The specific details of the transaction can make nothing of it, but a non official staff spread, to sell CP world gift cards as the goods in the warehouse as assets, liabilities, through mutual cancellation after liquidation, Zhengda day.

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