Pure dry cargo! Listen to the fair, beautiful, sing, rain doctors talk about the difficult founder

in April 25th, to celebrate the ten anniversary of the Chinese LanChi market activities, CEO Yang Haoyong, CEO Xu Yirong, said the beautiful sing CEO Chen Hua, rain doctor CEO Rui appeared about their entrepreneurial experience, although is not a chicken soup or duck blood soup fans, but for they believe in success on the road for entrepreneurs or reference. It may take 10 minutes to read, so be patient.

The following

is bluerun partner Zhu Tianyu in a roundtable on how to achieve 100% growth "in the dialogue above four CEO text record (after tiger sniffing edited, abridged):

blue venture partner Zhu Tianyu: please use a short time to introduce the company’s current situation, the recent development of the scale, etc..

CEO Yang Haoyong: ganji.com ganji.com in almost 10 years, and recently we played 10 years of competition, the two together.

beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong: beautiful said 2009 was established in November, we are now a word is a fashion discovery and purchase platform. Last year’s turnover was 3 billion 300 million yuan, this year is expected to turn over 3 times.

sing CEO Chen Hua: last year we also began to try to explore from the Internet, online, then sing it will continue to do some new improvements in the future we will see our new products come out.

rain doctor CEO Rui: our company established in 2011, health care is an emerging market, the user market accounted for 60% of the shares of the US users, now we are still in a relatively fast pace of growth. We are still in a market segment is starting to break forward.

Zhu Tianyu: please remember the founder, in the past entrepreneurial experience, experienced several bottlenecks in the growth of these times is how to break through? How to find a breakthrough in the growth of


market has been forced to turn off the Guangdong branch

Yang Haoyong: I am the most experienced, one is to find a good project, one is to find a good team.

we actually had a few months of negative growth, and Chen Weiguang knew it. At the time of 2012, when we encountered a lot of entrepreneurs with almost the same. A lot of entrepreneurs in the early days, because there are some advantages, for example, I am a technical background, do products, has been doing for many years.

in 2012, suddenly found the company because of the growth of the business, the need to buy advertising, when his never experienced things, we are from dozens to hundreds of people, the highest point two thousand. At that time we experienced a lot of pain, because the founder of the background or experience at that time, it became a bottleneck at the time of the company. We didn’t want to take care of thousands of people, I think we will encounter a lot of this painful thing.

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