nternet entrepreneurs on these 24 business models

Abstract: entrepreneurship is still worried about the business model. Here is the most comprehensive business model of the Internet entrepreneurs induction.


so-called Internet thinking, and the traditional industry is the most different, it should be the business model. Traditional industry is just thinking about product innovation, and the Internet industry seems to have to think about business model innovation. For example, Google, in 1999, we also worry about the lack of commercial Google. Facebook after the listing is still no solid business model. But now, Google and Facebook are not worried about their income. So it is not directly from users who make money does not matter, only the number of users accumulated to a certain extent, nature is the way to make money "emerges". So, as long as your product can attract enough users, you can see the business model.

Internet industry has experienced over the years after the attempts of the various forces, has basically explored the so-called Internet thinking business model routines. Accumulate enough users in the product, these ready-made business model can be used for. Preliminary summary, there may be 24 modes of business model. Of course, more intelligent enterprise, continue to develop new business models.

a physical commodity business model


if your product is a kind of items, users can directly hold and use your goods, is the common sense of goods or goods, then your business model is very simple, basically is four routines:

1 own production, their own sales: their direct production, direct sales to the user

2 outsourcing production, their own sales: the outsourcing of production, they are responsible for direct sales to the user

3 production, not sales: responsible for their own production, distributors to sell

4 sales, not production: their own as distributors, or to provide sales of goods trading market

Amazon, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites, is the front of the fourth business models.

if your product is not something, users can not directly hold and use, then how do you make money?.

two, ad


since Google began to put ads next to search results, advertising has become the default choice of the Internet industry realizable way. In fact, advertising has been the main business model of print media, and now the Internet industry has been completely robbed of the limelight in the advertising field.

5 display advertising: display advertising

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