Cai Cong two basic questions can determine whether the O2O business model is reliable

drops first and quickly merge, then merged with Uber, a lot of people think this is helpless O2O burn subsidies and malicious competition to grab traffic business model is not sustainable, the results. When the end of subsidies, capital exit, and then usher in a commercial return and return to common sense.

Why is

more money more and more financing, financing higher valuation story not sustainable? How to determine the specific project O2O business model is reliable? O2O project is a business and investment value of


share investment management partner, enjoy the vote cast CEO Cai Cong on the above issues have a deep thinking. He is familiar with the "bit" as a case, analyze the logic of O2O entrepreneurship and investment.

O2O crazy subsidy period, the public is too happy

2015 may be the happiest year for me, a variety of O2O products,

among the Internet giant, there are many start-ups. I admit that I was one of the "people", but also can be called smart and rational consumers.


section of the O2O crazy cash subsidy period, I will in order to get a free lunch reward, download a APP, then after uninstall every time; pay at the convenience store, I will ask the cashier, where a payment discount: WeChat, Alipay or QQ wallet.

of course, I do not know how many times, with the price of the bus ride drops, Uber luxury car. Manicure, housekeeping and maintenance…… I not only enjoy the "era of dividend", also told me the relatives and friends together to enjoy.

this is really good, do not have to run to the store, but also door-to-door service, better service can actually cheaper! There are only two possibilities: either the traditional model is "profiteering", there is enough space for profit to provide additional services; or that the original is the traditional pattern of normal profit the lose to the service.

the market economy tells us that as long as the industry is fully competitive, profit margins will be more reasonable, it is difficult to have huge profits, so be sure to do business is upside down.

pig can not grow wool is the basic common sense, but they forget

this is a very magical bonus era of mobile Internet, very Chinese characteristics, I understand it as a demographic dividend, only in the largest population can occur.

even more amazing is that these entrepreneurs seem to be washed like a brain, always thought that the wool must be out of the pig, it seems that this logic does not need to have the Internet thinking, Internet gene".

more amazing is that there are a lot of VC buy it. O2O companies with a giant VC and heavily subsidize consumers money, brush brush sales of water, and then with the rapid growth of business volume to tell the story of capital, financing, continue to burn the game. < >

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