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according to relevant information, in 2014 the domestic Internet sector financing a total of 1878 pen, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, up sharply in 2013. Under the birth of the mobile Internet, the upgrading of a number of industries, the transformation of the birth of an unprecedented number of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the official proposed creating a customer, public entrepreneurship and other concepts, entrepreneurship was referred to the national level.

there is no doubt that a predictable and more violent pioneering climax sweeping on both sides of the Changjiang River. Whether in the south of Guangdong, Shanghai, or in the north of Beijing, there will be more people into the tide of entrepreneurship. According to IT statistics report: the total number of orange start-up company in Beijing Guangdong and Shanghai is almost equal to the sum of the amount of investment is between and, but the data indicate that the South startups are gradually catch up with Beijing, the proportion of the decline.

is also a business, an interesting but can not be ignored phenomenon: due to cultural, geographical, economic and other factors, the Internet practitioners have a huge difference and difference. Below we from the entrepreneurial atmosphere, public opinion, business models and other aspects of the specific analysis of these differences.

entrepreneurial atmosphere: North great social networking, the Southern small circle

According to incomplete statistics, as of 2014, the country has more than more than and 30 cities with more than 100 entrepreneurial services related to the cafe (teahouse) opened, including entrepreneurs, business meetings, project negotiations, such as

. Among them, Beijing venture cafe, including garage coffee, 3W coffee, coffee will help, Chihiro coffee, coffee, coffee, Binggo beta Founder s Coffee; Shanghai IC coffee, coffee, ATA micro coffee etc.. Shenzhen, 3W, beta starting point, innovation valley; compared to Beijing, south of the coffee business atmosphere is even regarded as bleak, fewer, even on the verge of collapse.

entrepreneurial Cafe development gap is so large, and the atmosphere of entrepreneurship in the north and South have a great relationship: North entrepreneurs like to get together, the southern entrepreneurs are more emphasis on small circles. WeChat weekend open circle of friends, mostly in Beijing entrepreneurs to participate in various meetings: Entrepreneurial Coffee Salon, forums, thousands of people lie, all tall, not stop completely; Shenzhen entrepreneurs topic more overtime, climbing, family, friends and so on life breath in enriching the content.

Windstore is working in Shenzhen, Beijing entrepreneurs, his last project in Beijing, and later returned to Shenzhen to continue to develop. His deepest feeling is that the entrepreneurial atmosphere in Beijing is too hot. And do not say a few words Zhongguancun Venture Street or 3W coffee as the hot area, even if any one of the pioneering cafe, there are a bunch of people talking about the ideal be in full swing or delusion, despite the possibility of next month’s rent is not forthcoming, but does not prevent these people for the future full of hope.

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