Didi Du Jincheng 600 thousand venture capital drops how to go today

[Abstract] the initial venture capital is only 600 thousand, to accelerate the development of the past 3 months, with the cheapest price to find technical staff, bought a software, invested a total of 200 thousand.



technology news (Xiang Xin) March 26th news, in today’s 2015 China Shanghai automotive e-commerce development forum, a taxi drops vice president Du Jincheng said in his speech, before the car market, in the market, after the market has a lot of opportunities, including P2P car, smart cars, trading electricity supplier and so on, a variety of roles find the starting point and future opportunities in this market.

Du Jincheng speech also reviews the history of the birth and development of the taxi drops he said, strong core competitiveness, is actually cannot do without the organic combination of dreams and technology, so as to form a new market.

A review of the

beginning days founded Didi, Du Jincheng said in the beginning only 600 thousand of venture capital, 3 months to speed up development, with the cheapest price for technicians, bought a piece of software, put 200 thousand. But at that time it was hard, and I couldn’t do it.

2012 in Beijing on the day of the heavy snow, the driver can not find passengers on the roadside, passengers can not find the driver, forcing a lot of people continue to download drops of APP, is to get on the train in order to get on the bus. After that day, the number of orders reached 100 thousand, while the month to get A round of $3 million financing.

is the following drops taxi vice president Du Jincheng speech (Tencent science and technology finishing):

came to this meeting today, has been thinking, what kind of communication will be more suitable for the topic. Because we started the Internet, from the beginning of the birth of the first day, the essence and the kernel is to do the internet. The Internet, we and all of you have what the most similar place? Compared with just a few guests, we have a younger process, drops until now more than two years, we and all of you have a most similar dream, because dream when drops, we have been moving in your dreams ahead. And all of you here, I believe that there are dreams of enterprises. So today we’re here for the exchange.

drops is carrying a dream of the enterprise, the development of human history is inseparable from the whole of the human dream continues to move forward. Dream and science and technology together, will form a new industry new opportunities. In Europe in the nineteenth Century, the Europeans wanted to say, if there is a candle that never dies. Edison invented the electric light, driving the development of the entire power industry. By the twentieth Century, people were trying to say how good it would be to be as free as a bird. The development of aerodynamic technology has promoted the aviation industry we see today. If we can continue to run the horse how good, we talk about the theme of today, the car, was born.

a variety of roles to seek opportunities in the automotive market in

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