The only Wheat bag on the line, the owners are very surprised to send non-stop

: a surprise on the wheat bags advertising buy $58 worth of Italy BABILA fine key bag

activity time: December 3, 2007 –

, January 3, 2007

active object: (Note: every webmaster can only get a) pointer to the new Adsense

surprise two: full performance of the 100

to send 200

activity time: December 3, 2007 –

, January 3, 2007

active object: put all the ads in wheat bag advertising. In addition to the Commission gave the value of 100 yuan Omnitest leather name card holder

surprise three: full performance of the 388 read more

Fully profitable single page station product selection station

recently busy making several guest station of its own, there is no A5 to write something, there is constantly learning is mainly in the process of exploration, such as precipitation accumulated enough, in order to find yourself in this process and that is the right solution to share to everyone, everyone has to help and not misleading. Today is to talk about the problem of profit station.

we do station for what, in addressing the needs of users at the same time to a commission, but the site, optimization is done, every good directional flow, and the choice of products is also good, before I wrote an article from the view of "optimization of Amoy website product industry choice", there is no conversion or transformation little friends do not know have plagued similar problems. What exactly is the problem? I have done recently by several different types of washing station, I found that the problem is in the choice of products, different products for different forms of website. Because the station user experience should be said especially single page station user experience is mostly fixed, so I want to improve the user experience and the conversion rate will start from the product selection. After that, I will use several articles to do the detailed description, today the first article from the start of a single page. read more

Full network founder Feng Xiaohai announced from Suning future business turnover


technology news (Le Tian) February 18th news, science and technology Tencent was informed today, full network founder, former general manager of Suning life Services Division Feng Xiaohai recently released internal e-mail announcement, did not disclose the reason for leaving and going.

according to sources familiar with Feng Xiaohai, Feng Xiaohai may start again, but has not left, leaving time locked in March. The current successor is the general manager of Suning Beijing Bian agricultural region. read more