Wang Xing do the rice has failed his regiment fought in the United States business model you think

Abstract: throughout Wang Xing founded the project, from the campus network UI copy FB, no food on twitter plagiarism, the U.S. mission to the Groupon imitation, has continued to follow the trend of the strategy, there has never been innovation. Their project was hardly ideal and feelings, a project does not immediately removed, the so-called stick, change, and difficulties, are not project users.

atypical entrepreneurs story, a remnant of the war behind the king

Wang Xing, a controversial serial entrepreneur, he did not because of the school network is good at financing and funding on the verge of breaking, was the acquisition of renren. The first fire is China version of micro-blog Fanfou is not good because of the confidence scale, by the relevant department have blocked Sina micro-blog catch up from behind. U.S. mission network in the most popular time to buy points, a long walk in the top three, a large number of employees have been leaving during the U.S. mission on the conservative and inefficient Tucao occur from time to time. read more

Not go back home do not melt into the city for your next generation please to the north of guangzhou

"I’m not just for myself, but for my family and children, I must be in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen home buyers, even if their fill, I also want to take this pit filled." You good, your children in the future, can be steadily passed by. If you choose to give up, then your child will go your way in twenty years, and even more difficult.


back home

is now the two generation of Agricultural Graduates to run to the big city, do not want to go back to the countryside. They are in a big city at least one job can support myself, if you go back to the countryside, only to engage in farming farming, but China agriculture has always been deficit earn less, by day by subsidies. read more

nternet entrepreneurs on these 24 business models

Abstract: entrepreneurship is still worried about the business model. Here is the most comprehensive business model of the Internet entrepreneurs induction.

so-called Internet thinking, and the traditional industry is the most different, it should be the business model. Traditional industry is just thinking about product innovation, and the Internet industry seems to have to think about business model innovation. For example, Google, in 1999, we also worry about the lack of commercial Google. Facebook after the listing is still no solid business model. But now, Google and Facebook are not worried about their income. So it is not directly from users who make money does not matter, only the number of users accumulated to a certain extent, nature is the way to make money "emerges". So, as long as your product can attract enough users, you can see the business model. read more

Jia Yueting maybe success is on the way to success

Jia Yueting likes to sing "wild son". This is the first song to sing a lot of entrepreneurs, including him, the voice of the people – not afraid of difficulties, running in the wind, the wind let them swing.

of course, people who do not look too good to them there is another explanation: the boss of the Internet are like this song, because there is a word in the lyrics is – blow ah yeah". This is also the most controversial music for outsiders: behind the shelling apple and the friends of music as radical mode and risk behind it. read more

Cai Cong two basic questions can determine whether the O2O business model is reliable

drops first and quickly merge, then merged with Uber, a lot of people think this is helpless O2O burn subsidies and malicious competition to grab traffic business model is not sustainable, the results. When the end of subsidies, capital exit, and then usher in a commercial return and return to common sense.

Why is

more money more and more financing, financing higher valuation story not sustainable? How to determine the specific project O2O business model is reliable? O2O project is a business and investment value of read more

The difference between the nternet entrepreneurs in the North the North great social, Southern smal

according to relevant information, in 2014 the domestic Internet sector financing a total of 1878 pen, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, up sharply in 2013. Under the birth of the mobile Internet, the upgrading of a number of industries, the transformation of the birth of an unprecedented number of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the official proposed creating a customer, public entrepreneurship and other concepts, entrepreneurship was referred to the national level. read more

Why entrepreneurial cities Losangeles and Shenzhen are strikingly similar

Abstract: Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing, which is the most popular city in the world

in the current entrepreneurial tide, the hottest land should be the United States and China, a veteran of the developed countries, the world leader in science and technology and innovation, one is the rapid development of emerging countries. The center for science and technology entrepreneurship in the United States is Silicon Valley, China’s entrepreneurial center is Beijing. read more

Didi Du Jincheng 600 thousand venture capital drops how to go today

[Abstract] the initial venture capital is only 600 thousand, to accelerate the development of the past 3 months, with the cheapest price to find technical staff, bought a software, invested a total of 200 thousand.


technology news (Xiang Xin) March 26th news, in today’s 2015 China Shanghai automotive e-commerce development forum, a taxi drops vice president Du Jincheng said in his speech, before the car market, in the market, after the market has a lot of opportunities, including P2P car, smart cars, trading electricity supplier and so on, a variety of roles find the starting point and future opportunities in this market. read more

There are idle money, it is better to invest in the underwear industry perhaps there will be a next

Abstract: first of all, underwear (at least underwear) is not easy to try, so there is nothing to buy online and offline two. Second, do not stop to replace the underwear, size does not change much, look for a brand or style, is prone to periodic purchase.

entrepreneurial era, write App, wristbands, not at all. Some people say that after the lively, or to calm down just need to solve.

what is just? You can not eat the Internet thinking to sell crabs, but can not wear underwear. Of course, if there is a little underwear in the scientific and technological content, it is more fun. read more